Rosie Sourbut
Labour Students

Rosie is the South East Regional Coordinator for Labour Students and the former Co-Chair of Oxford University Labour Club. She has worked on biodiversity and climate policy with CEEweb for Biodiversity and the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, writes widely on environmental issues, and recently co-founded an environmental social enterprise.

Fiamma Mazzocchi Alemanni
Liberal Democrats UK

Fiamma currently works as Communications Manager for Global Canopy, a local environmental think tank that aims to halt deforestation in key areas of the world. She previously worked as a policy advisor in the Civil Service and has focused on environmental and agricultural affairs during Brexit. Fiamma graduated at Oxford University in Modern Literature and went on to work in media and publishing. She is also an active Lib Dem member, and candidate councillor for Holywell ward where she focuses on traffic, air pollution and climate change.

Chris Witt
Young Greens UK

Chris is Policy Officer and former Co-Chair of Oxford Young Greens and co-founded OxCPF. He is committed to making young people immediate stakeholders in emissions mitigation, particularly by institutionalising youth. Chris has spoken at climate action events such as Fridays for Future and enjoys asking awkward questions at UN climate conferences. As a postgraduate researcher, he has written about and published on the role of artificial intelligence in fighting climate change. Chris has been selected as Green Party candidate for the 2020 city council elections in Holywell and will be campaigning on local issues such as climate action, traffic, housing and homelessness. As a passionate European, he recognizes the UK's enormous potential to improve the EU from within.