OxCPF endorsed by MP, Lord Mayor and City Councillors

We are very excited that this week, OxCPF has been endorsed by a variety of senior politicians both within Oxfordshire, as well as in Westminster. This provides valuable support for our journey ahead and we are excited to share some of the reactions:

Caroline Lucas, MP (Green Party of England and Wales), has officially endorsed OxCPF and wishes “best of luck” for its operations. We are particularly excited about this endorsement given Caroline’s long history of climate action and environmental awareness. She is also centrally involved in the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG), which aims to be the “the leading forum informing the climate change discussion between parliamentarians, business leaders, NGOs and academics”. We at OxCPF are committed to bringing the spirit of cross-party collaboration to the regional level.

Furthermore, Cllr Craig Simmons, Sheriff of Oxford and Leader of Green Group at Oxford City Council, has expressly endorsed OxCPF, stating that “I strongly support the work of the Oxford Climate Policy forum who are working cross-party to learn about, and influence, climate policy. As Oxford’s Lord Mayor elect I have made the climate crisis one of the focal points for my year in office. It is therefore particularly exciting to see such initiatives take root in the City”. OxCPF is thus glad to be enjoying the support of Oxford’s Lord Mayor.

Last but not least, a number of Labour Councillors have expressed support for OxCPF, including Cllr Richard Howlett and Cllr Dr Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini. In addition, Cllr Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council’s Cabinet Member for a Safer and Greener Environment and Chair of Oxfordshire Co-Operative Party, states: “Climate change casts a long shadow on the world—we cannot allow more decades to pass by without coming up with lasting solutions to our climate crisis. Working with all councillors, the Labour-led City Council has played a leading role in reducing city-wide Carbon Dioxide emissions by 24% and raising city-wide renewable electricity generation by 56% since 2016. Our city will be home to the world’s first zero emission zone and the UK’s first citizens assembly on climate change, so that all viewpoints on environmental issues, especially those which often go unheard, shape our ambition to be zero carbon by 2030. More of the same won’t solve our problems, which is why the citizens assembly will be designed by a cross-party independent group and we’re working across parties to develop climate policy. As such, I welcome the Oxford Climate Policy Forum’s aims.”

David Williams, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford East, and former councillor of more than 30 years wrote: “I strongly endorse the Oxford Climate Policy Forum and its objectives. Any assistance that the Forum requires that is required from me will be fully forthcoming as this is a matter of urgency.”

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